Sheriff's deputy catches escaped emu north of Twin Cities

Not exactly in the job description.
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No two days are the same when you're in law enforcement, but we bet there are relatively few police officers in the U.S. who can say they've rounded up an emu.

That's what happened this week to Mille Lacs County Deputy Andrew Bromberg, who was called in to round up an escaped emu south of Foreston this past Thursday.

"Mille Lacs County Deputies fill many roles throughout their careers," the sheriff's office said on Facebook. "Sometimes you're a peace officer, a counselor, a referee and sometimes a cowboy. Never a dull moment."

Speaking to KSTP, Sheriff Don Lorge said initially Bromberg was skeptical over the reported emu escape.

"We get a lot of calls for different things," he told the TV station. "People who think there's a wolf in their backyard and it ends up being a house cat."

Bromberg and his feathered captive parted on good terms, with the sheriff's office noting the deputy was "getting kind of attached to his new buddy" when the bird's owner had been located.

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