Should the Labrador retriever be Minnesota's state dog?

A campaign has been launched, and bills submitted in the Legislature.
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The Loon is the state bird, the walleye the state fish, and the Honeycrisp the state fruit, now an effort is underway to give Minnesota its own state dog.

The breed being proposed for adoption as Minnesota's state dog is the Labrador Retriever, and the effort seemingly has bipawsitan (sorry) support in the Legislature.

A press conference was held at the Capitol on Tuesday morning featuring Republicans Sen. Carrie Rudd and Rep. Kurt Daudt, and DFL Sen. David Tomassoni, who unveiled "Raven's Bill."

This, as the Pioneer Press explains, is in honor of Raven, the Labrador retriever companion of "Minnesota Bound" host Ron Schara, with both attending the Tuesday morning presser.

The campaign has come about with the help of Pawsitivity Service Dogs, which has launched a website to provide information and garner support for the bill, as well as using it as an educational opportunity for Minnesota children to learn about how bills become a law.

You can find out more about the bill and track its progress through the Legislature at

So why a Labrador retriever? According to Pawsitivity, these pooches are "the perfect embodiment of all that is great about the State of Minnesota.

"A large, diverse, water-rich state that loves the outdoors, exercise, and playing well with others needs a dog that exemplifies its best attributes," it says. "The Labrador retriever is just that."

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As the Star Tribune notes though, the proposal has sparked a discussion among pet owners about which other breeds are deserving of the title.

Whether it's successful or not, Rep. Daudt told reporters that the bill is designed to inject some positivity into the usually serious and occasionally fraught business of the Legislature.

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