Snapping turtle has the worst day of its life in Minnesota

Wildwoods, a nonprofit for wildlife, doesn't think the turtle got in there on its own.

Short of getting hit by a car, a snapping turtle in Minnesota recently had what must've been the worst day of its life. 

According to Wildwoods, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation organization in Duluth, a family was at Island Lake June 25 when a child needed to go to the bathroom, so he hopped in a Porta Potty and found a snapping turtle in what can only be described as a stinky situation. 

The rest of the family peaked inside the portable toilet and saw the turtle "pretty far down in there." Naturally, they were "a little leery of trying to grab a snapping turtle with their bare hands," much less reach into the depths of human waste, so they called the portable toilet company and Wildwoods for help. 

Wildwoods staff grabbed a "catch pole" and "got ready to head out and see if we could fish out the poor turtle from the vat of chemicals and human waste."

Before they arrived, the owner of the portable toilet company had made it to the scene and rescued the snapper and rinsed it off with clean water. 

"The majestic turtle thanked him by hissing at him and then lumbering off toward the lake. She was OK, and we were all thrilled!" Wildwoods said. 

The question now is how the snapping turtle wound up in such a predicament. Wildwoods suspects that a "thoughtless or downright cruel person," perhaps a human "turd," so to speak, was the culprit. 

Nobody knows, but much kinder souls had the last word in this incident. 

"So a story with a 'crappy' beginning had a happy ending, and a grand old turtle was saved to go off and lay her eggs and return to her lake in peace. And our belief in the goodness of people was reaffirmed and strengthened," Wildwoods said. 

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