SNL spoofs Sen. Amy Klobuchar in season premiere

It was part of a skit recreating the Brett Kavanaugh hearings
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The heated exchange between Brett Kavanaugh and Minnesota's own Senator Amy Klobuchar was one of the most talked about moments of last week's nomination hearings. 

So, naturally, it got the full Saturday Night Live treatment during an elaborate opening skit this weekend. 

Guest star Matt Damon plays a particularly belligerent Judge Kavanaugh, while former SNL cast member Rachel Dratch plays Klobuchar in a surprise appearance.

Skip to 5:55 if you just can't wait to see how Dratch does Klobuchar:

The 13-minute extravaganza, which recreated all the major highlights of the Senate's Supreme Court nomination hearings, kicked off SNL's season premiere on Saturday night. 

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