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So, Philadelphia Eagles fans are awful, and they're coming to Minnesota

And they're coming to Minnesota.
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It's always scummy in Philadelphia.

Vikings fans who headed east for the crushingly disappointing NFC Championship loss had their experience worsened because it turns out that Eagles fans are some of the worst people in America.

Don't believe us? Here's two Eagles fans carrying around a sign saying "F*** Millie," referring to 99-year-old Vikings fan Millie Wall who became a darling of Minnesota last week when attending her first ever playoff game.

(Offensive content warning)

Elsewhere, drinks were thrown at the coach carrying the Minnesota Vikings to the airport, and abuse and more drinks were hurled at Vikings fans heading to the stadium before the game.

The one solace you could usually take is that at least it's all over, but this time it's not.

No, over the next two weeks Minnesota, the most welcoming of states, is going to be invaded by thousands of the miscreants shimmying up Crisco-covered poles.

To make matters worse, Patriots fans will also be in town.

If you have a lake cabin, you might want to head up there till the Super Bowl is over.

We know using the "at least we're not Eagles fans" argument on Monday might seem like clutching at straws, but it's not.

Look how Minnesota responded to the Minneapolis Miracle last week – they raised more than $200,000 for New Orleans Saints kicker Thomas Morstead's charities after he played through the game with an injury.

Eagles fans? They mocked a 99 year old woman because her football team lost a game.

Super Bowl or not, at least we're not douchebags.

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