Socks, underwear require 'additional security' at this Minnesota Walmart

There's a good reason for the socks and underwear being locked up.
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Walmart locked up socks, underwater

A photo of socks and underwear inside a Minnesota Walmart is going viral at a local level. 

Why would a picture of run-of-the-mill undergarments be the talk of St. Cloud? It's because they are locked in a glass case, similar to what you might find in the electronics department at many a retail store.

The unusual arrangement can be found at the Walmart at 3601 2nd. St. S., and a picture of it has gone viral on Facebook, being shared more than 1,600 times.

"You know St Cloud has gotten bad when St Cloud Walmart is locking up socks and underwear behind glass," the poster wrote.

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There's a good reason that specific Walmart has added security to stockings and underpants: theft. 

"Some products are subject to additional security. Those determinations are made on a store-by-store basis," Walmart headquarters said in a statement to Bring Me The News. 

"Walmart will continue to explore additional ways to protect its merchandise, keep prices low and keep product in stock for the millions of customers it serves each week."

A company spokesperson told Bring Me The News that each store has a theft threshold for specific products, and if a threshold is reached, the store will take measures to curtail shoplifting. 

In St. Cloud's case, socks and underwear have met the threshold and they've been locked up for approximately three months. 

In 2016, Business Insider reported that theft was costing Walmart billions of dollars each year, leading to the retail giant bringing back door greeters, and at some of its 4,500 stores nationwide, utilizing receipt scanners. 

Bottom line: if any item – even bacon at one U.S. Walmart – is commonly stolen, Walmart will do what it takes to stop it. 

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