Some local grocery stores remove Holy Land products after racist posts from owner's daughter

It's the latest in the backlash against the restaurant and deli.
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The backlash against Holy Land, a restaurant and deli in Minneapolis, continues as at least two local grocery stores have decided to remove the product from shelves after a series of racist social media posts from the restaurant owner's daughter surfaced

Lunds & Byerlys and the Seward Community Co-op both said Thursday that they will pull the products from store shelves. 

Lunds, in response to someone asking on Facebook if they were going to stop selling Holy Land, said, "We have made the decision to remove the Holy Land products from our shelves at this time."

In a post on Facebook, Seward Community Co-op said as soon as it became aware of the hateful posts, it decided to remove Holy Land hummus and other products from store shelves. 

"Seward Co-Op will not accept additional deliveries from, or work with, Holy Land in the future," the post said.

This news comes the same day Midtown Global Market terminated Holy Land's lease. This does not affect the original Holy Land location in Northeast Minneapolis.

Earlier Thursday, Majdi Wadi, the CEO of the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern establishment, said it had come to his attention that his daughter, when she was a teenager, posted racial slurs on social media prior to her starting to work for the restaurant, and she has since been fired. 

Lianne Wadi posted her own apology on Instagram, saying she deleted the old posts right away after they were brought to her attention, saying she was a teenager at the time and "wasn't educated on how words I chose would affect and offend others."

However, as CityPages points out, people on social media have revealed a string of offensive comments that Wadi has made over the years on Twitter, including several uses of the n-word – referring to, among others, President Obama – and one tweet in which she said "Hitler all the way."

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