Some of 'The Mighty Ducks' cast reunite at a hockey game

Hey Anaheim ... it's still a Minnesota movie.
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Even though it's been 27 years since the first movie was released, some members of "The Mighty Ducks" cast have proved that ducks still fly together.

The mini-reunion sadly happened not in Minnesota, but in New York, where the Anaheim Ducks were playing against the Islanders.

But three of the five actors pictured on the Anaheim Ducks' social media pages were veterans of the first movie, which was famously set and shot in Minneapolis.

Garette Henson (Guy Germaine), Vincent LaRusso (the "cake-eater" Adam Banks), and Danny Tamberelli (Tommy Duncan) were in attendance for the Islanders' 3-0 win.

They were joined by "Mighty Ducks 2" buds Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine (Julie "The Cat" Gaffney) and Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler), the Saturday Night Live cast member who has gone on to have one of the more successful post-Mighty Ducks careers (Joshua Jackson probably still shades it).

In a pretty cool touch from Anaheim, each actor was given their own Ducks jersey featuring the name of their respective movie character.

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