Someone cut KSTP's camera cables during report in Anoka

Reporter Kirsten Swanson posted a picture of the severed cable on Monday evening.
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A KSTP-TV crew was filming in Anoka when someone severed the cables connecting their camera to the news truck.

The incident on Monday was shared by reporter Kirsten Swanson, who posted a picture showing the severed cables.

"Boy, this is a new low. Someone saw us going live on Main Street in Anoka and CUT the cable that runs from the truck to our camera. Shot dropped. Thanks," she tweeted.

She continued to say that the crew was in Anoka to report from Danno's bar in downtown Anoka.

Danno's was one of 14 establishments that received warning letters from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for allegedly failing to enforce COVID-19 restrictions

Swanson's tweet prompted shocked responses from several members of the Twin Cities TV media, among them WCCO's Marielle Mohs and Jennifer Mayerle, and FOX 9's Karen Scullin.

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