Someone dressed up a skeleton so they could use a carpooling lane in Maplewood

It's illegal, obviously.
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Why did the driver get cited for using the MnPASS lane? Because he had noBODY to go with.

That terrible, barely-comprehensible joke out of the way, let's actually tell you what happened.

A Minnesota State Patrol trooper, during one of their regular patrols in the northern Twin Cities on Mar. 25, caught sight of an unusual infraction on I-35E in Maplewood.

It was a driver using a MnPASS lane, which is designated for MnPASS subscribers or carpoolers only, with a passenger that was looking a little worse for wear.

It was a skeleton, which had been dressed up to act like the driver's carpooling buddy, though the State Patrol notes they hadn't even buckled their bony friend properly.

"This motorist thought dressing up a skeleton would be a good way to illegally use the MnPASS carpool lane. Guess what? Only live human passengers qualify," the State Patrol noted on Facebook, a reminder that surely shouldn't be necessary, yet is nonetheless.

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