Someone locked this puppy in a Twin Cities dumpster

An appalling discovery in the south metro.
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Two tiny dogs were found locked in a Twin Cities dumpster, with one of them later dying.

Vet technician Heather Judge said on Facebook that the sibling pups were locked in a "filthy kennel" that had been placed inside the dumpster somewhere in the south metro.

A Good Samaritan found them when taking out their trash, and the pups were brought to the South Metro Animal Emergency Care in Apple Valley. 

After enduring searing 100 degree heat, one of the puppies sadly died, while the one pictured above survived.

Judge wrote an angry post to the person who cruelly dumped the puppies, saying: "To whoever left this baby locked in a filthy kennel in the dumpster with it's dying sibling; I hope you die a slow, hot, painful death before you meet your maker and he judges you for being a shameful human being."

The surviving puppy now has a new home, with one of Judge's co-workers adopting him.

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