Spider causes traffic issues in Minneapolis

Fear of spiders is a common phobia.
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Imagine your worst fear rearing its ugly head next to you as you drove down a busy highway. 

That's what happened Thursday morning as a driver saw a spider in her vehicle and out of fear pulled to the shoulder because she couldn't continue on with the eight-legged monster in her personal space. 

"A spider is causing traffic issues on NB 280 prior to Highway 36," MnDOT said in a tweet. "A motorist who has a fear of them saw one in her car while driving forcing her to pull over to the shoulder. A First Unit responder is on the scene assisting."

We have no idea how big the spider was, but there are more than two dozen responses to the tweet and most of them are people saying they'd have done the same. 

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders, and what may seem irrational to others is a serious fear that presents numerous potential symptoms, including increased heart rate, dizziness, hot/cold flashes, cheat pain, trembling, sweating, nausea and even thoughts of death. 

According to Spider ID, there are 21 unique spider species in Minnesota

Sleep.org notes that it's an urban legend that people swallow eight spiders each year in their sleep, but there isn't any hard evidence to confirm it. 

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