St. Bernard dog gets stuck on doorway overhang in Spring Lake Park

Not a typical day at the office for local firefighters.
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While they're used to rescuing cats stuck in trees, Spring Lake Park firefighters were presented with a more unusual challenge on Friday.

The fire department, which also covers Blaine and Mounds View, were called to a house where a St. Bernard dog had got itself in quite the predicament.

The pictures shared by the fire service show the dog stuck on the overhang of a ground floor side door, with a firefighter climbing up to ensure the pooch didn't suffer a nasty spill.

Dog rescue 1

Unlike a cat in a tree, there was little prospect of hauling a 100-pound dog down a ladder, which is why, according to the Star Tribune, they coaxed him back into the window he'd escaped from earlier with a treat.

A fire department official told the newspaper he was "dumbfounded" when he arrived at the scene.

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