St. Paul welcomes back rental scooters for the summer

The city council approved contracts with two scooter companies Wednesday.
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St. Paul may not have bike-sharing, but the city is welcoming rental scooters back to its streets for the summer.

The city council Wednesday approved two scooter companies to operate this summer, Lime and Spin. A third vendor, Bird, is still finalizing contract details, according to the city council meeting, and will be brought up again May 1.

As part of the agreements with all three companies, St. Paul Public Works added language to ensure it can cancel the contract if the scooters are being widely used illegally, and the vendors aren't responding to the behavior. The contracts also increase the rates the city is charging vendors compared to last year, resulting in more funding.

In 2018, scooters appeared in the capital city without much warning, resulting in St. Paul briefly banning them - then later allowing them to come back with regulations in place.

At Wednesday's city council meeting, a Public Works representative said the city had about 300 of the vehicles on the ground last year, with about 67,000 rides tallied over about four months.

Minneapolis recently went through the same process, landing on four vendors: JUMP, Lime, Lyft and Spin.

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