St. Paul woman competing to be World's Strongest Firefighter

She's competing at Arnold Schwarzenegger's event in California.
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Battling fires is part of her day job, but on Saturday St. Paul firefighter Sarah Reasoner will be battling to become the World's Strongest Firefighter. 

Reasoner, a Cambridge native who now lives in St. Paul and is a 2019 graduate of the St. Paul Fire Academy, was selected to compete in the strength competition at the 2020 Arnold Strongman USA Championship on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger started the firefighter competition in 2019 to put the spotlight on firefighters and raise money fire-related organizations in California. 

Reasoner will be randomly matched with an athlete of similar caliber, and then compete in the log press, deadlift, farmer's carry and sandbag events. 

What are those, you ask?

The log press is like an overhead press at the gym, but it's a huge log that weighs 170 pounds. She'll go for as many reps as she can over a certain amount of time. 

The deadlift, a more common exercise, involves lifting 450 pounds. That's pretty much the equivalent of going to the gym and putting four 45-pound plates on each side of the bar. She'll again deadlift that weight as many times as possible. 

The farmer's carry will see Reasoner holding weights totaling 200 pounds and walking for distance. 

And the sandbag carry features a 200-pound sandbag that competitors carry around for as long as possible. 

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