St. Paul's Grand Old Day is going ahead after all

It had been canceled a week ago, but organizers backtracked following the reaction.

The great "Grand Old Day" crisis of 2019 is over!

A week after the annual event was canceled for 2019 in order to "keep the event fresh for 2020," the Grand Avenue Business Association on Thursday announced that it will be going ahead after all.

Responsible for the business association's reversal was the mixture of outrage/support that followed the initial announcement, inspiring fundraising efforts and attempts to provide an alternative to the event.

"Since our cancellation announcement on Tuesday we have been amazed and inspired by the outpouring of support for our organization from local businesses, the city of Saint Paul, and from the community at large," the Grand Avenue Business Association said in a statement.

"Our organization has been working day and night behind the scenes, reaching out to potential partners for ideas on how to save the event for this year.

"In collaboration with our membership, the Saint Paul City Council, Mayor Carter’s office, the organizers of Grand Old Day Anyway, along with several major event sponsors, we have been able to address the financing and logistical challenges facing us and are now confident that together we can successfully pull off an amazing Grand Old Day 2019!"

Grand Old Day Anyway is a grassroots movement that was set up with the intention of replacing the canceled event with a bar crawl at the very least, and immediately found fervent support for its endeavor.

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Businesses along Grand Avenue reacted with dismay to the event's cancelation, given that Grand Old Day has proved one of their biggest days of the year as the event attracts thousands of people to the St. Paul street.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said at a Thursday press conference that the reaction to its cancelation served as a "wake-up call," and vowed that all of the city permits required for the event will be available despite some having been canceled last week.

You can now buy Grand Old Day festival wristbands, which will give you access to any of the 6 festival gardens. It costs $5 online or $10 bought on the day of the event.

Grand Old Day will be held on Sunday, June 2.

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