Starbucks, Erbert & Gerbert's the latest to join plant-based food trend

The companies have this week announced plant-based additions to the menu.
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Starbucks and Erbert & Gerbert's are the latest companies set to hop on board the plant-based food craze.

The coffee giant announced during its latest earnings call that it will be adding more products to its menu that recognizes the shift towards healthier food options.

That will include more products in the "alternative milk category" as well as a new addition to its food menu.

"We will be introducing a breakfast sandwich this year with a plant-based patty both in U.S. and Canada," said Starbucks COO Roz Brewer on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin-based sandwich chain Erbert & Gerbert's has announced its own plant-based sandwich will be on menus for a limited-time run starting in February.

The company says its first plant-based Roasted Red Pepper Banh Mi will launch on Feb. 3, along with a new limited-time meat sandwich, the BBQ Brisket Asian Fusion sandwich.

“It’s vital for the brand to keep a pulse on emerging trends. The sprouting plant-based culture is one of those, and it’s clear it goes far beyond vegetarian or vegan," said Erbert & Gerbert's Director of Marketing Jeremy Burke.

"People are adding more plants to their diets for health reasons and it’s making them feel better about what they’re eating and about their lives."

The past year has seen an explosion of interest in plant-based meat alternatives, led by the likes of Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger.

Burger King is among the companies that now offer plant-based meat substitutes, launching the Impossible Whopper last year, albeit the LA Times has reported this past week that one of the chain's largest franchisees has cut the price of its Impossible Whopper due to sluggish sales.

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