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Starting at $99, you can now rent out an AMC movie theater for a private party

You can have up to 20 friends in attendance.
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With the cinema industry in turmoil because of the pandemic, AMC has made an unusual offer to movie buffs.

The theater chain has launched a new product allowing people to rent their own movie theater for private parties of up to 20 people.

AMC's theaters are already operating at limited capacity to assist with social distancing, with the new option allowing even fewer people in for the private screening aimed at family events and celebrations.

It ranges in price from $99 plus tax to up to $349 depending on the movie.

You can request a reservation here. AMC has eight theaters across the Twin Cities metro.

Are movie theaters safe?

With the risk of transmission of COVID-19 higher when indoors, there have been concerns raised about watching movies in theaters during the pandemic.

The CDC still considers being in a movie theater one of the "higher risk" activities given that not only is it indoors, but people will spend a couple of hours in there, prolonging their proximity to others.

Movie theaters have implemented safety measures in response. AMC has increased the distance between where people are seated, and also has a policy that requires all guests to wear face masks at all times – including during the movie, though they can be removed while eating or drinking.

Minnesota Department of Health meanwhile suggests that gatherings should be kept as small as possible, ideally outdoors.

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