Stop emailing us about Twin Cities TV meteorologists

We can't make Jason Disharoon shave his beard, so please stop asking.
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KARE 11's Jason Disharoon (left) and former WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman (right). 

KARE 11's Jason Disharoon (left) and former WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman (right). 

Never did we ever think we'd be writing a story asking our readers to stop emailing us feedback. But the time has come to break some news: We aren't a TV station. 

More specifically, Bring Me The News doesn't employ any of KARE 11 or WCCO's TV meteorologists. Sure, we write about them as they come and go, but none of them work for us. 

July 28: It begins

"Just wanted to let you know we appreciate your new meteorologist. Great hire. Solid work. Sven being wingman never hurts either," an emailer wrote of KARE 11's new meteorologist, Jason Disharoon.

Why the cheap shot at Sven? We pay attention, and Sven's snowfall forecasts are usually spot-on. 

August 5: Brickman, not Brinkman

"Oh no Matt Brinkman is leaving," an emailer wrote us, adding that WCCO weather guy Matt Brickman's recent departure to New York may force them to "turn to another channel."

Must not've been that big of a fan if they can't even get his name right. 

September 6: The Beard

"Needs to trim beard and get some new suits and ties!!" an emailer wrote, clearly referring to the gorgeous creature that lives on Disharoon's face. And what's wrong with his suits and ties?

September 19: The Beard II

"Get rid of the weather beard!!" the email said. That's it. Nothing more. 

We know a former TV guy (What up, Rick Kupchella?) started Bring Me The News a decade ago, but at no point in these 10 years has Bring Me The News been a TV station. 

We do have a sweet Weather MN blog, and you can check it out right here

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