Study: Minnesota is America's most charitable state

Minnesotans are generous with their time and money.
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The results are in and Minnesota is the highest ranked state when it comes to charitable giving.

Yes, Minnesotans are the more generous with their time and money than people in any other state, according to an annual study by WalletHub.

WalletHub obtained data looking at two specific areas, volunteering and charitable giving, to determine which states were more generous than others.

Within these two categories were 18 different metrics to determine the rankings, such as the number of volunteer hours per capita, share of income donated to charity, the proportion of the population that donates money, and the number of food banks per capita.

Minnesota scored particularly highly when it comes to volunteering.

The state ranked 1st overall in the "Volunteer and Service" category, and 4th in the "Charitable Giving" rank.

Minnesota had the 3rd highest volunteer rate, which includes a high rate of volunteering among the millennial population. It also scored highly for its charity regulations and community service requirements.

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