Study: Minnesota is home to some of the country's worst drivers

Minnesota ranked 6th in the bad driving chart.
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Minnesota is home to some of the worst drivers in the country.

That's according to online insurance marketplace QuoteWizard, which has the Land of 10,000 Lakes in 6th place in its list of bad driving states.

The insurer looked at data behind accidents and fatalities, as well as driving infractions such as speeding, DWIs and traffic citations.

That put Minnesota in 6th place on a per capita basis, albeit this is better than last year, when the state was the 2nd worst in the country.

It's not clear whether QuoteWizard takes into account, at least when it comes to accident numbers, the fact that the state is covered in ice for a considerable chunk of the year.

Then again, fellow Midwestern state Michigan had the best drivers in 2018, so maybe we are doing something wrong.

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The report has come out the same week that Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety released some unsavory stats about the number of texting-while driving citations issued last year.

There were 9,545 tickets handed out in Minnesota last year, a 30 percent rise on the year before and more than 450 percent more than in 2012.

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