Study says St. Paul is the best place to celebrate Thanksgiving

Some of the data points might raise some eyebrows.
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A yard full of turkeys in St. Paul on Thanksgiving 2008.  

No place in the United States is as good at celebrating Thanksgiving as Minnesota's capitol city, St. Paul. 

That's the word from WalletHub, which released findings that compared the 100 largest cities and 20 key metrics to find out the the best places to go for Thanksgiving. The data points included celebrations, traditions, affordability, safety, accessibility and weather, among others. 

Weather? Oh yeah, the findings say St. Paul's Thanksgiving weather is 11th-best of the 100 cities, whereas Minneapolis, which ranks 14th overall, has the 21st-ranked turkey day weather. 

Somehow, St. Paul's weather is that much better than the twin city it borders. In fact, St. Paul's Thanksgiving weather is apparently better than Phoenix's, which ranks 12th in the weather category. 

Confused? Our data points below will make it even more baffling. 

According to WeatherSpark, the average high in Phoenix on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving Day this year) is 70 degrees. In St. Paul, the average Nov. 28 high temperature is 32. Ok, WalletHub, whatever you say. 

Maybe this is what separates the two cities on turkey day, as told for St. Paul by WeatherSpark: 

"The warmest time of the day is from 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM, with the hottest at 2:30 PM, at which time the temperature is above 25°F three days out of four, and above 18°F nine days out of ten."

Heck yeah! St. Paul has a 75% chance on average of eclipsing 25 degrees, and a 90% chance of sprinting past the 18-degree mark. That's impressive! 

Anyway, St. Paul can take a victory lap as the apparent top place to celebrate Thanksgiving, regardless of what the weather does. 

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