Sun Country changes rewards program to a simpler, less generous one

The new program favors those with a Sun Country credit card.
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Sun Country has announced changes to its rewards program, scrapping the Ufly name and replacing it with a simpler, albeit less generous system.

As of Saturday, all Ufly members have been transferred automatically to the program's replacement, Sun Country Rewards.

The new program from the Eagan-based airline makes it simpler to redeem rewards points, as it aims more at the cost-saving, infrequent flier who is less familiar with the intricacies of airline rewards.

For example, there will be no more "blackout dates" – days on which points couldn't be redeemed for a flight – while you won't be charged more points for flying during a peak period compared to off-peak period.

Now, 100 points is worth $1 towards a flight, whereas before a peak flight would cost you 130 points per $1, and an off-peak flight 110 points.

But where the new system is significantly less generous is in how members accrue points.

Under Ufly, customers accrued a massive 10 points for every $1 spent with the airline. But under the new system you get:

  • 3 points per $1 of spending directly with Sun Country (ie. on the website or over the phone) using the Sun Country Rewards Visa credit card as of Jan. 2. The card also gives you 2 points per $1 spent on gas and grocery, and 1 point per $1 on all other spending.
  • 2 points per $1 when members buy direct from Sun Country without a credit card, which includes spending on flights, baggage, seats, hotels, car rental etc.
  • 1 point per $1 when members book a flight/holiday package through a travel agent or a third-party website.

Now here's an important point for Ufly members from The Points Guy. While Ufly points have automatically transferred to Sun Country Rewards, the points expire after 3 years from the date in which they were accrued.

That means anyone with Ufly points earned more than 3 years ago stand to lose them at the beginning of 2019 – so you need to book a flight before the end of the year.

This 3-year expiration date will apply to all new points earned going forward by Sun Country Rewards members, though this will not apply to those holding a Sun Country Rewards Visa.

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