Sun draws crazy lines to Sea Salt Eatery, and no-one seems to mind the wait

Some were waiting almost two hours, such was the demand.
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On the first truly glorious Saturday of the year in the Twin Cities, many people had exactly the same idea. 

That idea was to head down to Minnehaha Falls and sample the seafood delights of Seat Salt Eatery, which was doing a roaring trade in the sun.

Such was the demand, there was a huge line outside the restaurant, with some lining up for almost two hours to get their fill.

But checking on some of the musings of Sea Salt diners on social media, and you find that nobody was really that bothered by the wait.

The sun sure as heck helps, as does the lovely surroundings of Minnehaha Park, and it certainly doesn't hurt that people were able to grab a beer while they were waiting to hand over their food orders.

So it seems like when the sun is shining and the beer is flowing, good food is worth the wait.

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