Suspicious vehicle parked in Minnesota was mother trying to get peace and quiet

Kids are noisy. We don't blame here.
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Coveted alone time for parents trapped at home with their noisy children during the coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in going for walks, doing more gardening and sometimes simply hopping in the car to get away from those angelic monsters. 

Such was the case for a Twin Cities-area woman who was the subject of what was reported to police as a "suspicious vehicle" parked at a closed business just before midnight May 31 on the 23300 block of County Road 10 in Corcoran. 

Police approached the suspicious vehicle and found the occupant was a 36-year-old woman "who said she needed some peace and quiet time away from her kids." 

The police blotter, seen above, has gone viral after being published in a weekend newspaper. 

"I was suspicious yesterday," said Andy Jacobson, a photographer for the Dallas News in Texas, echoing the thoughts of everyone else on the planet who has children while being stuck at home during the pandemic. 

"Been there, done that, and I don't even have kids," said another commenter. 

From personal experience of working from home while raising a 3-year-old girl, I can assure you that it's sometimes OK to give your child your phone or iPAD and throw on some Daniel Tiger while you flip on the TV and stare blankly into whatever it is that you enjoy watching. 

BMTN editor Adam Uren meanwhile says he sometimes takes regular bathroom breaks while home with his wife and two kids, even though he doesn't particularly need the toilet.

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