T-shirts and bobbleheads, the St. Paul raccoon becomes a merchandise opportunity

There are also efforts underway to immortalize the critter with a plaque.
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After capturing the hearts of America, it looks like the daring raccoon that scaled UBS tower in St. Paul will live forever through merchandise.

The fearless critter became a national treasure as millions tuned in to follow its progress as it climbed the 25-story building.

It made it to the top and was safely captured before being released into the wild, and now companies smell a merchandise opportunity.

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This includes Minnesota Public Radio, which cleverly dubbed it the #MPRRaccoon and is now selling t-shirts and tote bags emblazoned with the animal.

Partial proceeds from sales will go to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Here's a look at them, courtesy of the #MPRRaccoon's now celebrity reporter Tim Nelson.

Meanwhile on Friday, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum announced it's now taking pre-orders for a St. Paul Raccoon bobblehead.

The museum said it'll charge $25 for the bobblehead – the same number of stories as the UBS building ... so be grateful St. Paul isn't home to the Sears Tower.

"When we saw the St. Paul Racoon, we knew she would make for a great bobblehead," said museum CEO Phil Sklar. "Now this legendary climb that captured the hearts of people far and wide can be commemorated in bobblehead form."

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Want more raccoon mania?

Well, so far more than 17,000 people have signed a Care 2 petition calling on the UBS building to install a permanent plaque to the famous fur-ball.

It has also spawned no shortage of fan art, the best of which MPR has compiled in this post.

And naturally ... there were memes.

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