Tales from this week's DNR conservation officer reports

Our turtles deserve better
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If you're not familiar with them (or our near-weekly series), the Minnesota DNR issues every week a list of reports from its dozens of conservation officers patrolling the state.

The reports can often be fairly run-of-the-mill – issuing citations for fishing without a license, for example – but quite often they feature something unusual, or downright delightful.

Here's a look at some of the stories that stood out from this week's reports:

Deer rescue

In Thief River Falls West, CO Jeremy Woinarowicz responded to a call that a deer fawn had fallen into an eight-foot deep sump hole.

Woinarawoicz and a farmer looped a rope around the fawn and pulled it back to safety. "The fawn was checked and released back to the wild, running off unhurt," Woinarowicz reports. 

In other deer news, CO Derek Schneider said he received a complaint of a dog chasing deer in Zumbrota. 

Distracted boating

CO Don Bozovsky in Hibbing received a complaint that a pair of PWC operators were "on their phones, lying on their backs, and nearly hit a pontoon."

Bozovsky had previously stopped one of the individuals for a speed violation, and spoke to the other about committing a different speed violation earlier that same day. 

Poor turtles

In Brainerd West, CO Tim Collette made an unwelcome discovery in a local home, finding someone who was "keeping turtles in their bathtub with the intent of selling the shells when they died."

Collette also said he received calls for, among other things, a pontoon "pushing a floating bog across the lake."

Recurring mattress incident

In Long Prairie, CO Keith Bertram "received a call about a person burning a mattress in his front yard. Bertram arrived and knew the person by name. This was the second citation Bertram issued for burning mattresses at this residence."

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