Target commits cardinal sin: Selling 'Minnesota Badgers' onesies

Are you kidding with this?
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Oh, Target. Target Target Target Target. What are you doing?

The Minneapolis retailer – yes, that's Minneapolis, as in Minnesota, as in "you betcha" and lutefisk, not Spotted Cow and cheese – has committed the cardinal error of confusing Minnesota with Wisconsin.

The offense in question was shared on Twitter by Kileigh Carpenter (@KileCarp) on Sunday, as she came across a Minnesota Golden Gophers onesie inside the Target at The Quarry in Northeast Minneapolis.

Only it didn't say Gophers on there. No, it said "Minnesota Badgers."

Just to make it clear for anyone who doesn't know why this is such a gigantic fail, the the University of Wisconsin is home to the Badgers, not the good 'ole University of Minnesota.

Target's response was fairly swift, asking for the location of the store, presumably so it could do this to the offending onesies.

In a mea culpa sent to WCCO on Monday night, Target said: "Color us red. As a Minnesota-based company, we know we are home to the Gophers."

Per the Star Tribune, the onesies were available in four Twin Cities stores, with two of them bought in less than 24 hours.

Now they've been removed, those who bought them can probably expect them to be worth something.

Just not in Minnesota.

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