Target has a secret app that pays its super fans with gift cards

The existence of the app was revealed this week by Fast Company.
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Getting paid to tell Target what you think about its products sounds like a pretty sweet gig, and that's exactly what a select few hundred shoppers get to do using a secret app.

Ok, so they're paid in gift cards and coupons, not cash, but they don't have to give up their day jobs and all they have to do is give their feedback to the Bullseye about new products it's developing.

The existence of the secret app, called Studio Connect, was revealed last week by Fast Company, which says Target has been using the app to connect its designers with some of its top customers.

Only 600 people – the tiniest of fractions of Target's 30 million regular shoppers – have access to the Instagram-style app, with each user invited to use the app after being recruited via online research and polls.

It's effectively market research between Target and the shoppers it is keen to ... erm ... target, and while users aren't paid for their participation, they earn points that go towards gift cards and discounts.

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Their feedback meanwhile is used as Target develops its exclusive product lines, with the retail giant recently increasing the number of its exclusive brands, and forming new collaborations with well-known designers.

While Fast Company were the first to report on it, Target did put a job listing on its site a few months back looking for a developer for the app, calling Studio Connect "a community of Target guests and designers working together to build purpose-driven owned brands and human-centric products and experiences."

Unsurprisingly, the big reveal has led to plenty of Target fans imploring the Minneapolis retailer to invite them to use the app.

By the way, Target, I'm a middle income, fashionable, married father of a 2-year-old, you can send my invite to

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