Target launches Everspring, a new line of eco-friendly household cleaning products

They'll mostly be cheaper to buy than name brand products.
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Target is looking to boost its environmental credentials by launching a line of eco-friendly household cleaning products that use recycling materials and contain fewer chemicals.

The Minneapolis-based retailer has announced, not-so-coincidentally on "Earth Day," the launch of its latest in-house brand, Everspring, which will comprise more than 70 household products.

The cleaning products are made with ingredients that are derived from plants, while other products will be made with recycled or renewable materials.

The product line, which is in stores starting today and are also available on, will include everything from detergent to multi-purpose cleaners, hand soaps, dish soaps, face wipes, paper towels, and even scented candles.

They'll be priced around 20 percent lower than similar products from brand names.

It comes amid a growing demand for sustainable products from American consumers, with Target saying Everspring is the result of "listening – and responding – to the evolving needs of our guests."

"Guests can feel confident they’re purchasing essentials for their home that include ingredients and components they want and have the efficacy they need to get daily routines done," said Target's senior VP Christina Hennington. 

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Target has been keen to extol its eco-friendly agenda amid rising concern particularly among young shoppers about the growing threat of climate change.

Last month, it announced it would be requiring its suppliers to commit to carbon emissions reductions when making products for Target between now and 2030, while it has itself pledged to reduce its own carbon emissions by 30 percent of 2017 levels by 2030.

Everspring products will also comply with the retailer's "Target Clean" standard, which sees products given a Target Clean icon on shelves and online if they were made without chemicals including phthalates, propyl-paraben and butyl-paraben and sodium laureth sulfates (SLES).

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