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Target's 'Stranger Things' sweaters are being sold at a premium on eBay

The Christmas sweater is still hard to find in Minnesota.
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It was inevitable this would happen.

Stranger Things is the flavor of the season, and when you turn a pop culture trend into an ugly Christmas sweater like Target has done, you're onto a winner.

Demand for the Joyce Byers Christmas lights-themed sweater has been huge since Target launched them in October. Despite the retailer scrambling to increase its supply, they're still hard to come by in Minnesota.

It's unsurprising therefore that those lucky enough to get their hands on the sweaters already are trying to make a fast buck by selling them on eBay.

Some are ambitious, with one offering a "Buy It Now" price upwards of $75 for a sweater that costs just $32.99 new (and was even cheaper over Black Friday).

But even those being sold through auction are going for more than they retail in Target stores, with some offers of $33-$35 being made even early in the bidding.

Sweaters in small, medium and XL are still out of stock at, and most stores within 100 miles of the Twin Cities don't have any on the shelves.

Only one store – in Bloomington – says it is well-stocked with mediums as of noon Monday; a handful of others say they have "limited stock."

With Christmas party season upon us, demand for the sweaters could get even more intense among those stuck for an outfit.

Alternatively, you could improvise.

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