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THC edibles and consumables won't be found inside the Minnesota State Fair this year, but fairgoers don't have to travel far to find them.

Tents and stands are set up just outside the main gate at this year's event, ever since recently revised laws have made it so Minnesotans can legally grab some low-dose THC edibles and drinks from hemp and CBD stores alike.

Michael, who works as a manufacturer of THC products for Beezwax, told Bring Me The News that most people he has encountered since the fair started are ecstatic to see his stand.

"It's been really cool. It's fun that we can interact with so many people and get them what they've been asking for, for quite awhile," he said.

Michael's tent is one of multiple that sit outside the fair's main entrance along Snelling Ave. and Midway Pkwy. Each of them are renting yard space outside St. Paul homes during the 12 days of the fair.

According to the City of St. Paul's website, the homeowners applied for vending permits beforehand and had to provide written consent from their neighbors to allow operations. The booths are only able to operate during the hours and days of the fair.

The gummies and edibles sold at Michael's stand come from Kooka, Inc., a CBD and THC distributor in Minnesota. Edibles and drinks with small amounts of hemp-derived THC became legal in the state in June for anyone to purchase that is 21 or older. 

The products found outside the fair have up to 5 mg of THC in each edible, with each container maxing out to 50 mg.

As for being inside the fair, officials said less than two months wasn't enough time to develop policies for controlled substances at the fair. Michael hopes that he and others can be able to sell the THC products inside the fair as soon as next year.

"[As of this year,] they allow stands to be [inside the fairgrounds] and be informational, but can't hand out or distribute products yet," he said, adding that it's understandable this early in legislation.

"However, when you see multiple alcohol stands and people walking around being able to consume that without any issue, as long as they can regulate [THC] right, I think it can be a thing in the future."

Michael said sales involving his products have been "really great" since it was put into law. As for the fair, he said the reaction from fair-goers has been hugely positive.

"It's super cool to see people open-minded to something new that's been stigmatized growing up in the area," Michael said.

The legalization of Delta-9 THC-infused food and drink caught some Republican politicians who broadly oppose marijuana legalization by surprise, with one senator saying he signed off on the bill because he believed it would regulate cannabis-derived products, rather than legalize them.

During the first weekend of products being legalized and available for purchases, many stores around the Twin Cities ran out of edibles and had lines extending into streets.

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