The best reactions to Target's nationwide register outage

Things got bad pretty quickly.
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Target reaction

Target sent shoppers into meltdown on Saturday when its registers went down nationwide for about 2 hours.

It put a temporary delay on everyone's Target run, resulting in long lines of people going nowhere with nothing to do.

While Target's tech teams scrambled to fix the "internal technology issue" the prompted the shutdown, stores and shoppers were dealing with it in different ways.

We'll get to the best reactions to the shutdown shortly, but first: how much does it suck sometimes that Minnesota grocery stores can't sell alcohol? Because this is what happens in states where it can.

Elsewhere, there were plenty of comments that #TargetDown was a sign of the apocalypse, as well as a surplus of praise for the staffers who really weren't expecting their Saturday shifts to be that hard.

Oh, and if such a situation happens again, don't just abandon your carts and leave the store ... at the very least put any perishables back in the refrigerators/freezers.

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