'The Daily Show' rips Amy Klobuchar for re-telling the same joke

Have you heard this one before?

Amy Klobuchar performances on the presidential campaign trail have made her the subject of attention from "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah." 

The show tweeted a video it has compiled of the Minnesota senator telling the same joke about President Donald Trump again, and again, and again.

The joke relates to this Twitter exchange she had with Trump in February, after he mocked her for believing in climate change while announcing her candidacy in a Minnesota blizzard.

The tweet was one of Klobuchar's more successful ones, garnering 16,000 retweets and 78,000 likes, and the senator has been dining out on it ever since, it would seem.

While any campaign speech will feature a smattering of popular, focused-tested phrases, Klobuchar's reliance on the Trump gibe has apparently become noticeable.

"Amy Klobuchar has a joke she'd like you to hear," The Daily Show tweeted on Thursday.

While jokes may not be her forte, you can read more about Klobuchar's policy plans as it relates to climate change right here, following her appearance on a CNN town hall earlier this week.

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