The GOAT is wandering about a Twin Cities suburb

Greatest. Of. All. Time.
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There's a goat on the loose in Inver Grove Heights and it's got the attention of local police. 

The goat, not to be mistaken for Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky, is described as a furry, four-legged creature with two curved horns, white fur and has inexplicably elected to sport a mustache without a goatee. 

"We know about the goat that's on the lam (pun intended). Do not hesitate to give us a call (9-1-1), if you spot him," says the Inver Grove Heights Police Department. "We've been talking with folks about where we'll secure him once captured. We need to get this billy goat gruff off of Inver Grove Heights bluffs.

"If you know who the goat belongs to and where he belongs, please let us know."

Seriously speaking, police don't say if the goat is aggressive or not, but it's probably wise to keep your kids approaching it just in case. 

We'll update the story once the investigoation is complete. 


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