The Minneapolis Pedal Pub is going national, looks to add more franchisees

The mobile pub splits opinion among Twin Cities residents, now the nation will have its say.
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The success of the Pedal Pub in Minneapolis has led the company to expand nationally.

Since it started appearing on city streets in 2009, the Minneapolis-based company has expanded to 40 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

But now it has set loftier goals for itself, revealing this week that it's now offering more nationwide franchising opportunities.

It hopes to have 1,200 Pedal Pubs operating across the country by 2023, and in several new cities by the end of 2018.

The company says it's capitalizing on an increase in tourism and leisure spending, with chief development officer Shane Dunn saying: "The brand is tapping into a niche in the lifestyle and beer enthusiast category as it enhances tourism and mundane bar hopping by creating a fun and social outing."

The Pedal Pub can carry up to 16 on a Dutch-made bike, with customers able to bring some alcohol to drink while they pedal around town to different bar and brewery stops.

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But it has a controversial past in the Twin Cities, though things have quietened down since the peak Pedal Pub hysteria seen in 2015.

That year, several Pedal Pubs were the victims of a coordinated attack by a gang armed with water balloons and squirt guns. Unfortunately for the attackers, the third pub attacked was carrying several off-duty police officers.

Causing frustration for downtown drivers, bikers and pedestrians, it spawned the creation of the now 4,600-member strong "I Hate The Pedal Pub" Facebook group in Minneapolis.

But judging by its continued popularity and expansion plans, there are plenty who disagree.

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