The Minnesota State Fair will start with nice weather, but heavy rain and storms could mar Friday-Monday

It's a wet, stormy forecast for the beginning of the State Fair.
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If you're among the tens of thousands of Minnesota who plan to go to the Minnesota State Fair on Friday, you might want to think again, or bring an umbrella. 

The Minnesota Get Together begins Thursday, and it'll be a good start weather-wise with temps around 80 degrees and increasing clouds. Rain moves into the metro late Thursday night and there's a good chance the first half of Friday is quite wet. 

Another storm system arrives Saturday and will stick around through Monday thanks to a stationary front setting up somewhere across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Basically, this means anywhere south of the front will get a dose of warm and humid weather with chances of storms – some possibly severe – on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

And we might not be out of the woods just yet. The Storm Prediction Center is already suggesting that the active weather pattern will remain in place through at least next Wednesday. 

Again, use this knowledge as a way to prepare for wet weather at the State Fair, but don't let it stop you from going altogether. You know how the weather goes, and the fairgrounds might wind up dry the majority of each day. 

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