The movie that Betsy Hodges credits with saving her life

The former mayor says it got her through some very dark times in her childhood.
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An autobiographical piece by an ex-mayor of Minneapolis is making the rounds on the internet – and it's not exactly the political tell-all you would normally expect from a former politician. 

In an article titled "How Star Wars Saved Me," published this week by The Mary Sue, Betsy Hodges credits the beloved film with helping her get through a troubled, and traumatic, childhood.

As Hodges revealed last year, she endured sexual abuse beginning at the age of 8, and later developed an addiction to alcohol as a result.

But Star Wars, she writes, provided "an escape hatch from my reality, and I had a doorway into a better, bigger world" – and something perhaps even more important: the grownup role models she so desperately needed at the time.

Since she was unable to confide in the real grownups in her life, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher became "the adults who stepped in to make sure a little abused girl’s life was bearable, and better, and they did a great job of it."

"They saved my life, literally," she adds. "I would not be here without them."

You can read the full story right here.

Betsy Hodges left office in January after having lost reelection to Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey in November 2017. 

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