The New York Times writes about another Minnesota favorite: The Jucy Lucy we go again.
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After dealing with the fallout from its latest political reporting controversy, the New York Times is deflecting by reverting to a tried-and-tested method: trolling Minnesota for clicks.

More than 4 years after losing much of its credibility in the Land of 10,000 Lakes thanks to grape salad-gate, the NYT's cooking section this week focuses on an actual Minnesota dish: The Jucy Lucy.

Without getting drawn into the Matt's Bar vs. 5-8 Club debate, the NYT has nonetheless drawn ire for its suggested recipe for making the famous burger.

"You may be tempted to use an expensive craft cheese, but sliced American cheese is the only way to go for tradition and meltability."

How you fall on this suggestion depends on how you feel about American "cheese" slices. Personally, I like it on burgers, despite being fully aware it has the nutritional value of a paperclip.

Some agreed with the recipe, backing up the Times' contention, albeit we're not sure how many of those are Minnesotans.

But there were plenty who disagreed, as evidenced by the reactions below to the NYT's tweet.

Still, we clicked, we interacted, we fell right into the NYT's trap, damnit!

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