The next Science Museum exhibit? Classic 'Star Wars' toys

'The Nostalgia Awakens' opens at the Science Museum this weekend.
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The Science Museum of Minnesota is going hard after pop culture aficionados.

Earlier this year, the St. Paul museum launched the "Game Changers" exhibit featuring a range of playable video games from the early classics to the modern marvels.

Fast-forward to this weekend, and another nostalgia-fest is opening at the museum, this one concerning "Star Wars."

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"Star Wars: The Nostalgia Awakens" will feature exhibits of the hugely popular – and now hugely valuable – "Star Wars" toys and action figures that were released from 1978 to 1985.

It's a display from Wisconsin private collector Jarrod Roll, who amassed a complete collection of the Kenner toys based on the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

The exhibition starts this weekend and will last until Sept. 8, and for two weeks only it will be open at the same time as "Game Changers" – which closes on May 5.

"Star Wars: The Nostalgia Awakens" can be found on Level 5 of the museum, on Kellogg Boulevard.

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