The State Fair's 'absurd foods' come to attention of National Geographic

The Great Minnesota Get-Together gets some global attention.
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Minnesota State Fair

National Geographic, the venerable magazine that concerns itself with the wider world at large, saw fit these past few weeks to grace the Minnesota State Fair with its presence.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together is the subject of a substantial piece on the magazine's website, entitled: "The most absurd foods you can eat at the Minnesota State Fair."

What follows is a celebration of the State Fair and a quick run-through of how it became the leviathan of an event it is today.

Some of the "absurd" foods mentioned in the includes mentions of "fried gator nuggets, "candied bacon donut slides," and "beer gelato."

There's also an extensive explanation of the "food-on-a-stick" phenomenon, which it notes became increasingly popular through the '70s, as the event became more and more food-oriented.

But it also gave a shout-out to the fair's ability to move with the times and become a more inclusive eating experience.

"And while batter-dipped, deep-fried foods-on-a-stick are what it’s known for, today’s gathering has fare for everyone. This year’s new offerings include gluten-sensitive and vegan options, such as the Grilled Sota Sandwich (cinnamon nut butter and Minnesota blueberry marmalade served on gluten-free Irish soda bread) ... Other new foods range from healthy-ish (gluten-free shrimp and grits fritters) to devilish (cheesy Sriracha funnel cake bites)."

You can read the full piece here.

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