The unluckiest meat shop in Minnesota needs help to avoid closure

The Maplewood meat shop has had a series of setbacksĀ  since opening in 2015.
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A Maplewood butcher shop is looking for help from the local community to keep it open after a run of misfortune since it opened.

Dave and Donna Borchert opened Borchert's Meat Market at 1344 Frost Ave in 2015, but since then have experienced some really rotten luck.

They've launched a GoFundMe campaign to help them overcome the adversity they've faced since opening, with the fundraiser so far reaching more than $3,000.

It lists "3 major setbacks" including a fire caused by downed power lines, criminal damage targeting their freezers and refrigerators, and a number of thefts over the festive period.

These, as Dave Borchert explains, "resulted in thousands and thousands of dollars lost, and really hurt our bottom line."

"We had just gotten started and it seemed it was almost over," he continued. "Insurance only covered so much. (we were just too new) We had to come up with the funds out of our own resources. Hard to do for a family of 7. But we poured our heart and soul into this store, our store, and we knew we had to keep going."

Speaking to the Pioneer Press, the Borcherts estimated that the damage incurred over its 3-plus years in business totals around $80,000, most of which they had to pay for themselves.

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The Lillie News reported that the damage to its freezers happened just before Father's Day weekend in 2017, causing its meat and produce to spoil, depriving the store of two weeks' worth of sales during the crucial grilling season.

A theft this past Christmas Day morning meanwhile saw thieves throw a paver through the front window and grab a Salvation Army Red Kettle from inside.

The Borcherts are turning to locals to keep them in business not only by shopping, but by donating.

"We believe in our store," Dave Borchert writes on GoFundMe. "We believe in our community. We don't think our story here is over. If you appreciate us, our vision, neighborhood development, and local shopping, please consider showing your support by giving a donation or simply sharing this campaign on your own social media page.

"We want to save our store and be a pillar in this community for years to come! You can also help by shopping with us more frequently, grabbing an extra item or two, and telling your friends and family about us. Please don't keep us a secret."

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