The weirdest things from this week's DNR conservation officer reports

Featuring a bear that was actually a stuffed toy.
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If you're not familiar with them, the Minnesota DNR issues every week a list of reports from its dozens of conservation officers patrolling the state.

The reports can often be fairly run-of-the-mill – issuing citations for fishing without a license, for example – but quite often they feature something unusual, or downright delightful.

Here's a look at some of the stories that stood out from this week's reports:

'Dead bear cub' just a stuffed toy

CO Tony Elwell (Thief River Falls East) received a report about a "dead bear cub" in the caller's back yard.

"After further investigation, it was determined the bear cub was neither dead, nor a real bear cub.

"In fact, it was a stuffed animal belonging to a neighbor."

Sturgeon gets an arrow

There was an accidental shooting of a lake sturgeon on the Red Lake River in Thief River Falls.

CO Jeremy Woinarowicz responded to find a "lake sturgeon was indeed inadvertently shot with an arrow while a person was bow fishing for rough fish."

The shooter was the subject of enforcement action fo taking a lake sturgeon in an illegal manner.

Angry boater threatens tire slashing

A boater in the Pine City area was unhappy with a fellow boater's vehicle placing, putting a note on their windshield stating "he was going to 'slash his tires' if he doesn't park well again."

CO Ben Karon noted: "Please keep in mind this would be illegal and ill-advised."

Dog's trailer trip

In the Milaca area, CO Nathan Benkofske was called to a report of a dog that had jumped off a trailer onto Hwy. 169 near Princeton.

The owners were tracked down and the pooch was returned.

"The owners had someone come pick up the trailer prior and that individual did not know the dog had climbed onto the trailer. The dog will survive and be well after some treatment at the vet clinic."

Deer's disastrous death

In Rochester, CO Annette Kyllo was called to a request for possession permit for a young buck that died after "running into a backyard fence."

"The deer had hit the fence with such force that it had dented the wire mesh, cracked off the wood post the fence was attached to, and broke its own neck," she wrote.

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