'This world is a better place without her': Bitter obituary for Minnesotan mother goes viral

This is what happens when you sleep with your husband's brother and leave your kids, apparently.
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A bitter obituary to a late mother published in a Minnesota newspaper is now worldwide news.

The legacy of Wabasso native Kathleen Dehmlow (Schunk) is not a fond one, according to her kids Gina and Jay, who wrote an obituary published in the Redwood Falls Gazette that says "this world is a better place without her."

The scathing obit was shared on social media Monday and has since swept the globe, being reported by media outlets across the U.S. as well as those in the U.K. and New Zealand.

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That's what happens, it seems, when you sleep with the brother of your husband and father of your two kids, become pregnant and move to California.

"She abandoned her children, Gina and Jay who were then raised by her parents in Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schunk," the obituary reads.

"She passed away on May 31, 2018 in Springfield and will now face judgement. She will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her."


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