There's a bear roaming around the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks

Police are urging people to stay away.
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UPDATE 2:30 P.M. 

Police say they are going to try and tranquilize the bear. They're still asking people to avoid the area around University Park. 

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Only a week since Orono police were forced to kill a black bear that wandered into a populated area near Lake Minnetonka, police in Grand Forks, North Dakota are doing all they can to avoid using lethal force against a bear on Monday. 

Grand Forks police say the bear walked into the city early Monday morning, eventually climbing up a tree in University Park, which is located on the east side of the University of North Dakota. 

"The public is reminded this is a wild animal which can be unpredictable if the animal is pressured, so the public is asked to avoid the general area and the animal," Grand Forks police said. 

University of North Dakota police caught the bear on video as it walked briskly through a park. 

The bear came down from the tree at 11:35 a.m., at which point police issued this statement. 

"The bear has been mobile, and officers are trying to usher the bear out of town for its own, and public, safety. People are asked to please leave the area. We cannot emphasize this enough. We are trying to resolve this situation peacefully. We are asking the public to please leave the area, so this animal can be on its way."

Grand Forks PD has been keeping the public informed about the situation on Twitter and Facebook. 

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