They're always after me beer that tastes like Lucky Charms

An IPA that evokes General Mills' famous cereal prompted a frenzy.
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An IPA beer inspired by Lucky Charms breakfast people is exchanging hands for hundreds of dollars after a frenzied launch this past weekend.

Unfortunately for Minnesotans, the beer-makers behind the innovation – Smartmouth Brewing Co. – is based in Norfolk, Virginia, with the local angle here of course being that Lucky Charms are the creation of Golden Valley-based General Mills.

Nonetheless, Smartmouth had no idea how much of a hit it had on its hands as it prepared to release its Saturday Morning IPA that is brewed with "house-toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows in the mash."

As Food Network reports, a line of several hundred, potentially thousands, of customers stretched for blocks ahead of the beer's Saturday release, with the entire batch selling out in an hour-and-a-half.

What's more, WTKR reports that a single four-pack of the beer exchanged hands for a whopping $450 on eBay, while someone has bid more than $100 for a single, empty can of the beer.

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Lucky Charms debuted in 1964, after cereal inventors at General Mills were tasked with coming up with a new brand that would be popular with kids.

It became the first cereal to include marshmallow pieces, with MrBreakfast reporting that cereal "lore" says that the idea was sparked when Cheerios were mixed with pieces of Circus Peanut candies.

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