This weekend marks the end for St. Paul's O'Gara's Bar, as we know it

It will return in a different, smaller guise following redevelopment.
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A St. Paul institution will call last orders this weekend, as O'Gara's closes its doors after 77 years at Snelling and Selby.

That is, until it re-opens either late next year or early 2020, after the building it resides in has been redeveloped into an apartment complex and office space.

When it returns, the new O'Gara's will be a fraction of its current size, so if you want to raise a glass to O'Gara's as you know it, this weekend is your last chance.

The bar will be holding two final shows in its concert space, The Shanty, with G.B. Leighton playing on Friday before Martin Zellar and The Hardways close it down on Saturday.

The Star Tribune reports that after the pub closes, the bar's wood panels and tin ceilings will be removed and saved to be put into the new space.

The pub was first opened at the corner of Snelling and Selby Avenues in 1941 by James Freeman O'Gara, initially selling food and booze to local workers manufacturing weaponry to be used in World War II.

It claims to be the oldest family-run operation in St. Paul that has stayed at its same location, with the bar staying in the O'Gara family as it was passed from father to son over its almost-80-year history.

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It was expanded after Jim O'Gara's son Tim took over the reins in 1972, creating new area including the Shamrock Room (the main bar), the Brew Pub, and the concert venue that is now known as The Shanty.

Tim's son Dan took over in 2003 with wife Kris, since when they've brought O'Gara's to different venues, opening a satellite location at MSP Airport in 2007, as well as a new location at the Minnesota State Fair, having initially been based in the Food Building starting in 2002.

Here's how the new building and O'Gara's will look.

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