This weekend: Pirate-themed, socially distanced scavenger hunt in Minneapolis

A Florida-based company has launched its first scavenger hunt in Minnesota
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Participants from an event in a different city earlier this summer. 

Participants from an event in a different city earlier this summer. 

A new scavenger hunt event is coming to Minneapolis.

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Scavengee will host a pirate themed scavenger hunt across the city Saturday. 

Until the pandemic hit, the 10-year-old company Scavengee provided scavenger hunt-type games as team building events for companies, mostly in the southeastern U.S. When workplaces went remote, they decided to try a socially-distanced alternative: bring it to the public in cities across the country.

"There’s an energy that comes off of the street if you have a lot of people doing the same thing, even if you’re not right next together," co-founder Steve Tishman said. "It’s like going to a sporting event and everyone’s cheering on the same team. It’s like, 'look at all these pirates downtown, it really looks like an invasion, and I'm part of it.'"  

Minneapolis was a good fit for their program, Tishman said, with its reputation for active people who love parks and outdoor recreation and a large population of 24- to 55-year-olds.

Plus, Tishman said, there are several escape rooms in the area.

"It’s a good parallel," he said. "It’s the type of challenges you would do in an escape room." 

Teams of up to six can access the scavenger hunt through Scavengee's mobile app. (BMTN note: Because only one player can access the app at a time, you may want to stick to members of your own household for your team if you can't commit to keeping sufficient social distance). Similar to Pokemon Go, the app will guide teams to different real-life locations in the city for clues. 

The game will include an option to donate to Second Harvest Heartland, which Scavengee says will be the recipient of 10 percent of ticket sales. Players will also, at one point, be asked to interact with a local business, though Tishman says he is still deciding where this would be. 

"I truly believe in what we’re putting out there in the market," Tishman said. "This is a great way to finally get out in public, hopefully wearing a mask and using it properly, and have fun and forget for a while that we’re in a crisis in this country." 

Tickets for teams of up to six cost $50. Click here for more details.

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