Three fawns rescued after doe fatally struck by driver

The doe was pregnant when she was hit, giving birth a short time later.
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Three fawns were rescued after their mother was killed by a car in western Wisconsin.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office says the trio of fawns was found on STH 25 near Wheeler on Friday evening.

The doe was pregnant, with the fawns emerging after the doe had been struck. The driver who hit them stopped and went to a nearby home for help.

Between them, they wrapped the newborns in towels and waited for police to arrive.

"The home owner provided law enforcement bottles for feeding and the woman that hit the deer was able to provide animal milk supplement from her home," the sheriff’s office said. 

Deputies then cared for and fed the fawns at the office overnight, before they were taken to the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, where they are in good health.

The driver who hit the doe, Tasia Kelley, told the Star Tribune that she "never saw her coming," with nearby resident Dustin Eckert saying he ran out to help when he heard bleats – with one fawn in the middle of the road and two off the shoulder.

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