'TIME TO VENT': Dodge County sheriff unloads in Facebook post

He's defending first responders during the coronavirus.

A southeast Minnesota sheriff has gone viral with a social media post blasting citizens for "dismissing" the heroism of first responders during the coronavirus. 

On Friday, Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose posted the following on Facebook, saying it was "TIME TO VENT" (caps his) about some comments he's heard "over the last few days":

He suggests some people don't appreciate the risks that police officers, firefighters and paramedics are taking during the pandemic, specifically with comments like, “Well…that’s the job they signed up for!” and “Well…that’s what they're getting the big bucks for!” 

Rose takes issues with both assertions, saying emergency personnel "didn't sign up" to risk exposure to coronavirus "without the necessary PPE equipment," which also potentially exposes and endangers "our family members at home."

He also points out that most Dodge County responders are "VOLUNTEERS," and that many of those who do get paid "have part time jobs to help make ends meet!!"

"These great men and women are doing everything they can to help keep us safe," and will "even be there to help those people dismissing their heroic actions," Rose says. 

The post has received thousands of reactions, hundreds of shares, and over 200 comments, with most expressing emphatic support for Rose's comments as well as the efforts of first responders. 



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